Huckleberry black bear

People upset black bear euthanized in B.C. after lured by residents for viral video

A B.C. black bear was euthanized by conservation officers after it was lured by residents who wanted to take a video.

Last week, the bear, named Huckleberry by the North Shore Black Bear Society, was sadly put down after reports started coming in about it eating from garbage bins and organics carts.

The Conservation Service has often said that bears who become conditioned to human food need to be put down because non-lethal solutions do not change their behaviour.

However, this time, people admitted to leaving the food out to lure Huckleberry in for a video, which the North Shore Black Bear Society called "a death sentence."

"If only people had used a firm voice with you, you would have listened. Or respected you enough to not have any garbage or food scraps accessible in the first place. We did you a disservice, Huckleberry," they wrote in a Facebook post.

"You were willing to coexist, but people were not."

Since the news broke, people have criticized the officers for being too hasty in euthanizing the bear. 

"Poor bear euthanized through no fault of his own but due to stupid humans feeding him," another person wrote.

"What a shameful and unnecessary loss," someone else added.

Despite this, most criticism was directed at the people who fed the bear with some even calling for them to be fined. 

"Why don't we start by naming the people involved with baiting the bear for the video. Completely disgusting," read one tweet.

In their own tweet, the B.C. Conservation Officer Service reminded people of the proper protocol when encountering a bear, which does not include taking pictures and videos. 

The North Shore Black Bear Society said that they walked Huckleberry back to the forest a few times but that due to the crowd of people they could not safely move him on this time around.

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North Shore Black Bear Society

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