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Canada signs deal for millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses from Pfizer and Moderna

Good news, Canada; the federal government is partnering with American pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna to secure millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses for Canadians.

Speaking at a press conference in Toronto on Wednesday, Procurement Minister Anita Anand said that results from both vaccines are "very promising."

"Pfizer is evaluating at least four experimental vaccine candidates and is currently undergoing clinical trials," Anand said. "These trials are occurring in various countries including Germany and the United States."

She added that the deal will ensure "Canadians are at the front of the line" to receive promising vaccines.

The vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna will have to get the stamp of approval from Health Canada prior to being used to vaccinate Canadians.

Public Services and Procurement Canada is also securing the necessary supplies to distribute the vaccine in Canada, such as syringes, needles, alcohol swabs and gauze.

Anand didn't elaborate on how the vaccines would be delivered to Canadians, the number of doses, or how much they would cost, saying that details were "being kept confidential" while the government spoke with a number of various domestic and international suppliers.

Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains, who joined Anand at the press conference, underlined the government's ongoing efforts to develop drug treatments for Canadians that have already contracted the virus.

Bains also announced that the government will invest an additional $56 million to bolster vaccine development in Canada.

"At the end of the day, our government's goal and objective is very simple," Bains said. "We want to deliver a safe and effective vaccine to all Canadians, as soon as possible."

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