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Canadians are ready to adopt a small U.S. town that's cut off by border restrictions

Point Roberts has a unique border crossing; although the small town is actually part of the U.S., it shares its only land border with Canada — and the ongoing border closure is causing some issues for residents.

The town of about 1,300 people must normally commute 25 miles through British Columbia to get to the rest of Washington state.

As you might imagine, that's not exactly possible right now.

Last Friday, Gov. Jay Inslee even wrote a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressing the need for a "practical solution to this issue" which is creating "unique hardships" for Point Roberts residents.

point roberts border closure

Google Maps shows the unique placement of Point Roberts

Inslee particularly cited the academic difficulties that many students are facing being cut off from their schools, increased uncertainty for local businesses, and loved ones being kept apart.

And although Trudeau has yet to publicly respond to the letter, Canadians have come up with an innovative solution: adopting Point Roberts as part of Canada.

Admittedly, this would require Point Roberts actually wanting to be part of Canada, but hey — we have chocolate smarties and Seth Rogen. What's not to love?

"Hold a referendum asking residents if they want the peninsula to be part of the province of B.C. thus making the residence Canadian," a Calgary resident wrote.

"Ask the residents if they want to join Canada," an Ontario resident chimed in.

Even an American was on board, writing, "Unpopular opinion: just give Canada Point Roberts. This is such a ridiculous problem. The border is not straight in Ontario, just solve this problem and make this silly tiny land mass Canada already."

Most people are just joking, obviously, but you have to admit: Point Roberts, Canada has a good ring to it.

Point Roberts' situation also isn't entirely unique: Angle Township, Minnesota and Campobello Island, New Brunswick are both in similar boats.

Alaska is also famously cut off from the United States by land, sparking controversy in recent weeks as many Americans choose to drive through Canada to reach the far-flung state.

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