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It's hotter near the Arctic right now than it is in Toronto and Vancouver

Canadians living in a hamlet just south of the Arctic Circle may want to break out the sunscreen and shorts today because it's set to be a scorcher, with temperatures skyrocketing to historic levels.

Baker Lake, Nunavut experienced a balmy 28 C on Monday, shattering the hamlet's previously-held record from the same day in 1954 by 1.3 C.

In comparison, Vancouver and Toronto experienced a high of 26 and 24 C yesterday, respectively.

Environment and Climate Change Canada issued a special weather statement, warning residents to expect "extremely warm temperatures" over most of the Kivalliq region this week.

"Daytime high temperatures in many communities will approach or surpass record values throughout this period," the statement says.

Baker Lake ordinarily sees an average high of 14.3 C in August, per the town's website.

And it's not just Baker Lake; other parts of Nunavut are also experiencing daytime records, including Gjoa Haven, an Arctic hamlet that broke its record by more than six degrees Celsius on Sunday.

Similarly, a temperature of 21.9 C was recorded in Eureka, Nunavut on July 25, which may be the highest temperature recorded so far north, according to a researcher at the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

When it comes to the culprit behind the sudden influx of hot weather in Canada's northern regions, it's pretty safe to say that rapid climate change is probably to blame.

A recent study even found that polar bears will likely be wiped out almost everywhere outside of Canada's Arctic archipelago within the next 80 years due to shrinking ice levels.

Baker Lake is expected to reach a high of 31 C today, which will break the highest temperature previously recorded on this date: 30.9 C on Aug. 4, 1998.

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