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Canada's only Trump Hotel warns about COVID-19 exposure

Vancouver Coastal Health is warning the public about a potential COVID-19 exposure at a nightclub located in Trump Tower, which occurred late Friday night.

Patrons that visited IVY Lounge between the hours of 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. are asked to self-monitor for symptoms.

"Exposure alerts like these are believed to be low risk, but they should be taken seriously," VCH said in an Aug. 13 Twitter post. "Out of an abundance of caution, monitor yourself for symptoms if you visited during the above time.⁠"

And while the warning should be taken seriously, Canadians can't help but point out how particularly fitting it is that a Trump nightclub has a COVID-19 case.

"The irony is delicious," one Coquitlam resident wrote.

"Great, Donald Trump, you even try to mess with Canada," another person wrote. "I thought we got rid of all the Trump buildings."

Other Canadians were amazed that people even visited a nightclub with Trump's name attached to it.

"People who visited the IVY lounge in the Trump Tower need to ask themselves 'Why?'," one Victoria resident wrote. "Why would I patronize a business with that name of the front? Is this a cry for help?"

"People actually go to a nightclub in Trump Tower?" a Vancouver resident added.

"If you're going into one of Trump's properties for a drink, you deserve whatever comes your way," yet another person chimed in.

The news of the COVID-19 case comes after President Donald Trump recently imposed hefty tariffs on Canadian aluminum, disgruntling many Canadians across the country.

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