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WestJet to ban passengers for a year if they refuse to wear a face mask

WestJet is not joking around when it comes to the mandatory mask policy. 

On Friday, the Canadian airline announced that, starting Sept. 1, they will be kicking passengers who refuse to wear a mask off of a flight if it is still on the ground. 

But that's not all. 

They also said that travellers who choose not to don a face covering will be banned from flying with them for a year. 

"I have an obligation and a duty of care to our staff. I also have an obligation to every other guest. So my focus is on the 99 per cent of guests who continue to wear masks," president and CEO Ed Sims told CBC, adding that they have already had 30 issues with travellers not wanting to wear a mask.

"We are taking this opportunity to say this is not just a one and done. If you decide to be in non-compliance, you're going to be paying that price for at least the next 12 months."  

However, airline officials will not take to the extreme right away. 

First, they will ask passengers to put on a mask upon boarding the aircraft and then they will issue a warning stating that this is mandatory. 

If a traveller still chooses not to comply, then these new measures will be taken. 

WestJet will also require travellers to provide contact information when checking in to help health officials with contact tracing should someone on the flight test positive for COVID-19. 

Many have already praised the airline for taking action. 

"Good on ya. No mask, no fly," another person wrote.

Others weren't too thrilled. 

Transport Canada recently announced that only those with a doctor's note would be exempt from wearing a mask while flying. International travellers must still quarantine for 14 days when returning to Canada. 

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