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Halifax man shares video of anti-Black racist encounter

A man in Halifax is sharing video footage of a racist encounter he experienced while having coffee with a colleague in the city's west end. 

On Tuesday, resident Tari Ajadi took to Twitter to explain the incident in which a man approached him and his female friend at the Local Jo Cafe to say, "A white girl like you shouldn't be dating Negroes."

While the comment was not caught on camera, Ajadi approached the man afterwards and asked him to repeat himself. This time, the man told him that "there are plenty of brown women in the world to date, go find one of them."

In follow-up tweets, Ajadi, a student at Dalhousie University, went on to explain that he and his friend were not dating and were each married. 

He also added that he chose to video tape the man instead of calling the police for fear of his safety, saying that this is the reality for many Black people in Halifax. 

"It’s about a city that exists to marginalize Black people. It’s about the massive economic and health inequities that currently exist. It’s about the epidemic of police brutality that exists. That’s the problem," Ajadi told Global News.

"I know that if I retaliate, if I respond, it's actually my life that's at risk. I'm not going to call the police — I can't… If I did call the cops… they might blame it on me, or worse."

While many tweeted their support for Ajadi, others criticized him for posting the video at all. 

"His comments are 100% not okay, but instead of publicly shaming him, I wish he’d be given a chance to be educated and grow," someone else wrote.

Ajadi said that this is not the first racist encounter he's had to deal with and that he will not stop speaking out about it. 

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Tari Ajadi

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