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Ontario store YumNaturals bans masks and claims the virus is only in your mind

YumNaturals is banning face masks on its premises, proving that just when you thought things were finally calming down, 2020 really can get crazier.

The health food store in Minden, Ont. posted a sign banning customers from wearing masks — a move that directly violates the Ontario government's mask policy.

"There is no COVID," the sign reads. "Your body makes particles when you are healing. They are not contagious."

This, of course, contradicts Canada's health guidelines (and, you know, science in general).

yum naturals

YumNaturals encourages customers not to wear masks. Photo via Instagram.

The sign adds: "Time to wake up & end tyranny. Turn off the mainstream lies."

"The only virus is in your mind."

The owner of the health food store has written several anti-mask blog posts that claim viruses originate inside the body and are therefore not contagious.

"PLEASE STOP SHAMING PEOPLE FOR NOT SELF-ISOLATING," one blog post reads. "Their testing methods and science are beyond flawed and they even ADMIT IT."

Ontario continues to mandate the use of face coverings in stores, public transit, and workplaces across the province.

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