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This snow maze in Canada is now the world's largest

Hedge mazes? Boring. Corn mazes? Meh. In Canada, we've got snow mazes — the world's largest, in fact.

A small community just south of Winnipeg set a Guinness world record earlier this year with its snow maze, which covers nearly 2,800 m² of icy Manitoba farmland and takes around 45 minutes to an hour to navigate out of.

The new winter attraction, which opened to the public for the first time in January 2019, has been buzzed about all over the world and is built on a site that serves as a corn maze in the warmer months.

It has walls about two metres tall and intricate snow carvings throughout, including a giant "snow maze" sign made of the white stuff that is perfectly Instaworthy.

The family behind the maze brought in 300 truckloads of snow to construct it last winter, and will do so again late next month or in early January 2020, depending on the weather.

This year's maze will have more snow sculptures and other artistic features, and may even be bigger than last year's.

The site also has farm animals to pet, and other features like a "snow mountain" that visitors can climb up and slide down when they're done re-enacting the iconic nighttime chase scene from The Shining.

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Karel Vohat

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