mingan archipelago

Mingan Archipelago national park reserve is home to the largest group of monoliths in Canada

The Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve in Quebec is home to one of Canada's impressive natural wonders that's worth seeing for yourself.

With over a thousand islands and islets sprinkled along the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Mingan Archipelago is home to the largest group of monoliths in Canada. 

There are dozens of these rock formations scattered across 40 of the islands.

The rock formations are nearly 500 million years old and date back to a time when a warm, shallow tropical sea covered what is now St. Lawrence Lowlands region.

The interesting shapes of these otherworldly limestone sculptures are the work of centuries of erosion caused by waves, wind and changing sea levels.

Besides the captivating rock formations, the area boasts a rich flora and myriad species of seabirds. 

In springtime, marine birds – most notably the Atlantic Puffin – congregate on certain islands to form nesting colonies. 

There are also close to 80 kilometres of nature trails and more than 30 campsites spread over 10 the islands, which are accessible only by boat. 

The trails will allow you to explore the coastline, as well as the forest and the barrens, situated in the heart of the beautiful islands.

Although the Mingan Archipelago is one of the most remote areas of Canada reachable by road, situated more than 1,100 kilometres from Montreal, the natural masterpieces that are the monoliths certainly make it a must. 

Lead photo by

Jean-David & Anne-Laure

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Mingan Archipelago national park reserve is home to the largest group of monoliths in Canada

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