ouimet canyon provincial park

Ouimet Canyon has breathtaking fall colours and an unreal lookout bridge

Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park in Ontario is home to a massive canyon gorge and is full of natural beauty and panoramic fall views. 

Naturally formed from glaciers and centuries of erosion, Ouimet Canyon is 100 metres (330 feet) deep and 150 metres (490 feet) wide. 

The massive gorge is so deep and sheltered that Arctic plants, usually only found 1,000 kilometres to the north, grow and survive in the unique environment at the bottom of the canyon. 

Visitors aren’t allowed on the canyon floor due to its ecological fragility. But the views from above are more than enough to keep you busy. 

The provincial park has a one-kilometre loop boardwalk trail and bridge that connects two lookout platforms with spectacular views of the canyon. 

The unobstructed views will let you take in the towering cliffs sprinkled in bushes of fall colour, a pretty lake and the sparkling water of Lake Superior in the distance. 

Getting you closer to the forest canopy, the boardwalk trail and lookout points are also great for bird watching.

The area is home to many neotropical migrants (birds that breed in North America and spend winters in Central and South America), as well as the threatened Peregrine Falcon, which occasionally nests on the canyon cliffs. 

Further along the canyon, you’ll find the longest suspension bridge in Canada at the privately-owned Eagle Canyon, where you'll be able to take in even more breathtaking views. 

Spanning 180 metres (600 feet) and suspending 46 metres (150 feet) above a stunning lake and canyon floor, the bridge is definitely not for the faint of heart. 

Lead photo by

Katie Hierlihy

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Ouimet Canyon has breathtaking fall colours and an unreal lookout bridge

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