liard river hot springs

Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park is home to the largest thermal pools in Canada

Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park in British Columbia is home to the largest natural hot springs in the country. This incredible Northern bath is part of a river of naturally geothermically-heated waters that runs through the park.

There are eight pools, though only one is open to bathers. The thermal waters simmer between 108° and 126°F in the rustic public pool, making the park a popular rest stop for drivers on the nearby Alaska Highway

These hot springs are open year-round and tends to be the most popular in the summer months. Though, a cold winter day seems to be the perfect time to soak in these steamy waters. 

From the campground, it’s only a short five minute walk to the hot springs. Just follow the raised wooden boardwalk path through a warm-water swamp and lush boreal spruce forest.

Visitors are required to stay on the boardwalk at all times in this area so as not to disturb the sensitive habitat.

The boreal forest supports diverse plant life as well as many different mammal and bird species. In fact, the area was originally known as the "Tropical Valley" due to the rich natural landscape.

You may be able to catch sight of moose feeding in the warm water swamps. In the summer months, bears are a common sight. They’ve even been caught feeding only 10 feet away from bathers. 

The provincial park has 53 campsites with full services May to October. You can also camp year-round, with reduced fees and services off-season. 

There is also the Liard Hot Springs Lodge just across the highway that offers year-round accommodation, fuel, camping facilities and RV sites.

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