Beaulac Garthby

This bike path on rails in Canada comes with breathtaking lake and forest views

Les Vélorails de Beaulac-Garthby rail bikes will bring you through a forest and along the picturesque Lake Aylmer, in the Chaudière-Appalaches region of Quebec. 

The two-bike contraptions are connected by a platform with two seats in the middle and a small roof canopy for some shade from the sun. 

The bike needs to be peddled to move on the railway track that will lead you through the incredibly scenic landscape. 

With no pedals for the couple middle seats, there’s nothing to do for the two seated here, but to soak in all the views and snap some photos of those doing all the work. 

The two routes available include a 10-kilometre round trip course, which offers an up-close view of the lake and a journey through trees and fields, and a 20-kilometre round trip course, which allows you to see even more of the scenery. 

There’s also battery-powered rail bikes available for those who aren’t too keen on pedalling.

The 10-kilometre route for these bikes goes in the opposite direction and takes you through forests and swamps. 

Les Vélorails de Beaulac-Garthby will be taking online reservations starting in April, with rides beginning in May until October. 

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