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Montreal officially postponed Halloween and people can't believe it

Due to some spooky weather, Montreal is postponing Halloween until Friday.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante tweeted that Halloween celebrations would be moved to Friday November 1, due to heavy winds and rain. 

The postponing doesn't seem like an awful idea, Environment Canada predicts that rainfall may amount to 50-80 millimetres, with winds reaching up to 90 kilometres per hour. 

Soon after, surrounding towns followed suit. Ste-Julie, Varennes, McMasterville, Beloeil, and Magog have also postponed festivities until the following day. 

It seems like nobody quite knows what to make of Halloween being postponed, with many thinking it's a show of how soft kids are becoming. 

Others are pointing out how bad weather isn't a new thing. 

Also, echoing what most are thinking — who knew holidays could just be postponed?

Here's the thing though, do parents really want to accompany kids in the soaking rain while making sure they don't blow away? Probably not. Maybe these towns and mayors have a point.

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Marc-Olivier Jodoin

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