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Posted 3 hours ago

You can soon watch a movie for free at Cineplex theatres across Canada

Posted 5 hours ago

Alex Trebek tears up after heartwarming final answer by Jeopardy contestant

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Drake was booed off stage at a music festival this weekend

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Here's how people celebrated International Inuit Day in Canada

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The rainbow poppy in Canada is getting a lot of people upset

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Justin Bieber just launched his own deodorant and people aren't sure what to make of it

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Drake and Kylie Jenner might be dating and people are losing it

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You can watch Christmas movies at Cineplex theatres in Canada for only $2.99

Posted 10 days ago

U.S. rock band ok but van was just totally destroyed by a moose in Canada

Posted 11 days ago

Ikea is now selling designer goods in Canada and people lined up all night to get them

Posted 12 days ago

Montreal officially postponed Halloween and people can't believe it

Posted 13 days ago

1 in 4 Canadians want Halloween moved to Saturday every year

Posted 14 days ago

Idris Elba and Liam Hemsworth are making Canadians jealous of Montreal

Posted 14 days ago

A Stephen King miniseries is filming in Canada right now and it’s as gruesome as you’d expect

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Canada can't believe how hilariously boring this CBC television show is

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Here are the most popular Halloween costumes in Canada for 2019

Posted 19 days ago

This is how Canada is wishing Drake a happy 33rd birthday

Posted 19 days ago

Canadians are warning each other not to dress up as Justin Trudeau for Halloween