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Posted 20 hours ago

Someone in Canada just built a free movie theatre made of snow

Posted 21 hours ago

Meghan Markle visited a Vancouver woman's group to discuss climate change

Posted a day ago

This is how much security for Harry and Meghan could cost Canadian taxpayers

Posted a day ago

Meghan Markle just had tea with staff at a Vancouver women's centre

Posted 2 days ago

Someone in Canada built a snowman the size of a house

Posted 2 days ago

A group of knitters in Canada left bags of hats and scarves for people in need

Posted 3 days ago

The Queen just gave her blessing for Harry and Meghan to move to Canada

Posted 3 days ago

Pearl Jam announces North American tour with multiple stops in Canada

Posted 3 days ago

Fight to save Anne with an E now has its own billboards

Posted 3 days ago

People are upset after Canada said to need Harry and Meghan to bring razzle dazzle

Posted 4 days ago

The Thomas Fisher library has the largest collection of rare books in Canada

Posted 6 days ago

This is what winter in Canada looks like so far

Posted 6 days ago

The last double-decker theatre in the world is in Canada and it's absolutely beautiful

Posted 6 days ago

Jason Momoa's TV show is filming in Canada and you can be an extra

Posted 6 days ago

People think Canadian singer Grimes is pregnant with Elon Musk's baby

Posted 6 days ago

People can't believe how bad this answer was on Canada's version of Family Feud

Posted 8 days ago

Prince Harry and Megan Markle might be spending a lot more time in Canada

Posted 9 days ago

Forever 21 is relaunching in Canada as an e-commerce site

Posted 9 days ago

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle use first royal outing of 2020 to thank Canada

Posted 10 days ago

Ricky Gervais is coming to Canada with his new live tour

Posted 13 days ago

Justin Bieber joins TikTok to promote his new song

Posted 14 days ago

New immigrants to Quebec now have to take a values test

Posted 15 days ago

Canadians are relieved Netflix isn't getting rid of Friends north of the border

Posted 20 days ago

CBC cut Donald Trump scene from Home Alone 2 and some Americans are furious

Posted 22 days ago

Taffy Lane in Ottawa might have the best Christmas lights in Canada