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CTV host attacked by huge fly during live TV segment

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Black music business collective fights for racial equality in Canada

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U.S. Netflix is adding a bunch of Black sitcoms and Canadians are so jealous

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Ryan Reynolds says Vancouver is awesome after woman is reunited with missing bear

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Eugene Levy shares Canadian pride after Schitt's Creek's 15 Emmy nominations

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Ryan Reynolds is giving away $5k to anyone that can locate a stolen teddy bear

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Elon Musk wants his son to be named the Prince of Canada

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Ryan Reynolds had the best response to Blake Lively joking that she's pregnant

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Here's what's coming to Netflix Canada in August 2020

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Netflix wants Canadians to pitch show ideas

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Drake just took a casual trip to Barbados and fans are so excited

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Ryan Reynolds orders expensive Buckingham Palace gin and pays for it in loonies

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Video shows dragonfly eating horse fly off Canadian man's beard

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Hallmark is shooting movies in Canada again and it feels like Christmas in July

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People living in Hamilton can't stop thinking the musical could have been about them

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Canada's favourite astronaut wants you to wear a mask and he made a sly joke about it

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Seth Rogen shares hilarious reaction to his mom's TMI gym tweet