forever 21 canada

Forever 21 stores in Canada are officially closing next week

If you haven't already hit up the major liquidation sale at your local Forever 21 and stocked up on random graphic tees and sparkly holiday dresses, you'd better get on it — fast. 

As of next Thursday, the fast fashion retailer will officially be shuttering all of its Canadian stores. 

The store's website currently has a banner alerting shoppers of the imminent closure.

"Last nine days!" the website states. "All Canada stores closing! All stores closing on or before Thursday."

forever 21 canada

Forever 21's closing banner. 

The company announced it would be closing all 44 Canadian locations after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on September 29. 

They also said they'd be closing stores in both Europe and Asia, and solely maintaining locations in their domestic U.S. market, as well as in Mexico and Latin America.

At the time, Bradley Sell, the company's Chief Financial Officer, said years of negative performance and "challenges set forth by the headwinds facing the retail industry today" were the reasons for the move. 

Massive liquidation sales arrived in stores across the country in October, and many were excited for one last nostalgic shopping spree in the retail outlet they used to love. 

The sales will only be on for another week, and all online clearance is currently 70 per cent off. 

But as of Thursday, November 28, Forever 21s across the country will officially be closed — forever.

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