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Smudge the cat might be the most famous pet in Canada right now

The woman yelling at a cat meme might be one of the most popular memes of this year. If you haven't been living under a rock, you'll know it depicts a Real Housewives star yelling at a white cat who seems to be audibly complaining about salad.

But, what you may not know is that the internet-famous feline in said meme is actually Canadian.

Six-year-old chonky boi Smudge, who lives in Ottawa, has garnered 1.2 million Instagram followers due to his quirky and photogenic antics, which include "hating vegetals" and generally being unimpressed with food.

Smudge's owner Miranda Stillabower tells CBC that he insists on eating dinner at the kitchen table with his family like a human, and "gets really upset if he doesn't have a chair."

She also says the 'hating vegetals' face is "the best thing he's ever done."

The photo went viral months after Smudge's humans posted it on Tumblr, and really picked up earlier this year when it was paired with a screengrab of very upset Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong.

Smudge and his owners are loving his newfound fame, which has led to them being interviewed for articles and seen his face turned into art, costumes and more.

Armstrong, too, has seemed to find the use of her likeness irresistibly hilarious.

Though Smudge is apparently a bit too anxious for meet-and-greets and doesn't have the best personality for an influencer, hopefully this isn't the last fans will be seeing of the celebrated Canadian kitty — memes are forever, after all.

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