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Cineplex acquisition could soon mean unlimited movie passes in Canada

Though it's a bit sad to see homegrown movie theatre chain Cineplex bought out by an overseas competitor, the change of ownership means some new perks for Canadian moviegoers.

U.K. film giant Cineworld offers one particularly unique experience that we have yet to see in Canada: a subscription service for unlimited movie viewings.

A monthly fee gets movie buffs an Unlimited card, which allows them to go to the movies as many times as they want, with optional upgrades for things like 3D and Imax at an additional charge.

The Unlimited program also offers members discounts on snacks, and additional benefits like tickets to advance screenings — a bit like Cineplex's Scene points program, which the company has said is expected to continue despite the deal.

In the U.S., through Cineworld-owned Regal, the Unlimited subscription ranges from $18 to $23.50 USD per month before taxes, depending on how many theatres nationwide a consumer wants to be able to use their card at.

It comes with 10 per cent discount off of food and non-alcoholic beverages, free birthday popcorn, and has no blackout dates — things Canadian viewers can likely look forward to.

If you go to the movies a couple of times a month or more — or would if the price was lower — the program seems extremely cost-effective for what can usually end up being a pretty expensive night out.

The subscription will be available at Cineplex's 165 movie theatres Canada-wide a few months after the acquisition is finalized, which is expected to happen early next year after shareholder and regulatory approvals.

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