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People can't believe how bad this answer was on Canada's version of Family Feud

What's worse than not knowing the answer to a $10,000 question? Confidently responding with an embarrassingly wrong answer and thinking you're right, that's what. 

And that's exactly what happened to Family Feud Canada contestant Eve Dubois on last night's episode of the show. Her answer was so wrong, in fact, that many are calling it "one of the most amazing moments in the history of television."

Dubois and her opponent were about to go head to head for a chance to play for $10,000.

"Real simple," host Gerry Dee said as they each arrived at the podium. "There's one question, only one answer. Whoever gets it, they're playing for $10,000, that's it. Whoever gets it wins the game."

Then, he asked the question: "Name Popeye's favourite food."

Before he could even finish his sentence, Dubois rang her buzzer and confidently yelled out "Chicken!" — she even shimmied with confidence. 

Dee, appearing defeated, put his head down on the podium with disappointment before revealing that "chicken," surprisingly enough, was not one of the answers. 

Dubois' opponent then calmly answered "Spinach, Gerry," which was obviously the top answer and worth 54 points. 

In the hilarious clip, Dubois' family can be seen throwing their hands in the air with disbelief before she says into the mic, "I thought you meant Popeye's Chicken!"

Before the episode aired, Dee took to Twitter to tease the hilarious moment. 

"The greatest answer in the short history of @FamilyFeudCa happens tonight," he wrote. 

The clip has since gone viral and many are calling it a can't-miss moment. 

Some are saying Dubois may just be too young to know the answer. 

And others are wondering why only 54 Canadians voted for "spinach."

Either way, the viral clip is sure to make people want to tune in to the newly-released Family Feud Canada to see what other ridiculous answers contestants come up with. 

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Mike Morrison

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