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People are mad at Madonna for saying Canada is boring

Madonna is facing some backlash from Canadians across the country for publicly denouncing the Great White North as "boring" yesterday.

Speaking on video about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's recent move to Vancouver Island, the superstar told the duo in her token intonation not to "run off to Canada," as "it's boring there." 

She then proceeded to offer the couple her apartment in Central Park West, New York City.

Posting the video to her social media accounts for her tens of millions of followers may not have been the best move (nor was misspelling Meghan's name in the caption), as Canadians have expressed in the comments that they do not at all appreciate the snub.

"Canada is boring eh? I'll live in Canada [rather] than put up with the crap we see happening down there," one popular comment on the post reads.

"Please just stop talking," another user said.

And yet another: "It's a good thing that your tour is not coming to Canada. We don't need your boring high school musical. We are worth more than that!"

Many have taken the opportunity to tell Madonna that it is not in fact Canada that is boring, but her.

The most-liked comment on her Instagram video plainly states "You're boring," coming from 6ixbuzztv, who went on to repost Madonna's little monologue and encourage users to "say something back to Madonna" for the insult.

"So is her vocal range," chimed one resident.

"She's mad cause Drake threw up after she made out w/ him," another said.

Even the Canadian Forces got in on the drama, with troops stationed in the U.S. posting a video of some good old-fashioned Canadian fun — including skating and handstands on a frozen lake amid the beautiful mountains of Alberta — on their official Twitter account along with the caption "Sometimes we're homesick for our boring homeland."

Though Madonna may not be a fan of Canada, this whole ordeal has definitely cemented the fact that Canada isn't exactly a fan of her, either.

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