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People are upset after WestJet warned it would change its policy on dogs

WestJet has updated its policy on which dogs can fly in the cabin, and people aren't happy about it.

On February 6, the Canadian airline said that all dogs meant to be sold, adopted, or handed over to a rescue organization must be put into the cargo hold, sparking backlash among Canadians.

The airline has since apologized, saying "WestJet [does not] require animals travelling as commercial imports to go as cargo."

Still, many Canadians are upset with the Calgary-based airline.

A local animal rescue shelter pointed out that WestJet should still reimburse customers.

And this person was unimpressed by WestJet's delayed response.

A few people weren't happy with the political jargon that WestJet is using.

And this customer hasn't put away her scissors yet.

WestJet is the only airline that allows animal rescue agencies to fly dogs from the Dominican Republic to Calgary for adoption, so hopefully the airline continues to do so.

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