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Former Cineplex pre-show host Tanner Zipchen responds to Scene points controversy

Former Cineplex pre-show host Tanner Zipchen has been the talk of the town since he was let go from his role last month after the movie chain was acquired by U.K. competitor Cineworld.

More recently, Zipchen told the Toronto Star he was paid in Scene points for much of his time with Cineplex which has led to some serious outrage against the company as well as capitalism in general. 

The drama doesn't stop there, though, because Zipchen has since spoken out against the Star's article, claiming he was misrepresented and that the article "was not published as promised."

Zipchen posted a statement about the piece to Twitter earlier today, but he initially responded to the article on the day it was published. 

"Despite what the title says, this is not me 'speaking out,' but commenting on a larger story about working for exposure in the industry," he wrote.

"I knew what I was getting into. You have to be prepared to make sacrifices. It was a chance to follow my passion & do what I love."

He added that he always knew he would be compensated in Scene points for the first year, and was grateful for them nonetheless.

In his most recent statement, Zipchen said the Star reached out to him and requested an interview for an article focused on the discrepancies in working for exposure and not a story about him.  

"Although, I had declined to speak with the media this past month in favour of some personal space, I felt this was an important story to tell," he wrote. 

"I'm disappointed in the way it was delivered, the embellishment between quotes, and how they chose to depict my wife, Kelsey."

The Star's article tells Zipchen's story in great detail and certainly focuses on him more so than any other source, though several other young professionals who have worked without pay for exposure are featured as well. 

Still, the article makes it seem as though he didn't agree to be compensated in Scene points and portrays his time with Cineplex as mostly negative. 

"His continually furrowed brow betrays disappointment with how his Cineplex experience unfolded and finally ended, but he refuses to be overly negative about the past five years," notes a paragraph near the end of the story. 

Zipchen's wife is never directly quoted in the story, and it mentions the fact that she needed exterior help to handle housework while he was off travelling. 

"Instead of quoting her, they inaccurately characterized and unnecessarily involved her in this article," he wrote.

"It was not published as promised, and I'm very disappointed in their choice to use me as click bait to get readers past their paywall."

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