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Pearl Jam just postponed its concert tour in Canada

Pearl Jam officially postponed their North American tour due to coronavirus concerns.

The Seattle-based band announced the postponement on Twitter yesterday, expressing their disappointment and frustration over the situation.

The band wrote, "As residents of the city of Seattle, we’ve been hit hard and have witnessed firsthand how quickly these disastrous situations can escalate. Our kids’ schools have closed along with universities and businesses."

Pearl Jam said it is with "deep frustration and regret" that they're postponing the tour, but the band believes "large gatherings is high on the list of things to avoid."

The band also criticized U.S. officials for their slow response to the virus, referring to the 750+ cases of coronavirus and more than 26 deaths across America.

Pearl Jam was supposed to launch its PJ/Gigaton tour on March 18 at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. Upcoming shows in Ottawa, Quebec City, and Hamilton are also being delayed.

The band did not give any information on the rescheduled shows, but promised fans that Ticketmaster will honour their current tickets for the new dates.

Naturally, Pearl Jam fans are disappointed — but most understand the band's decision.

There are currently 77 cases of coronavirus in Canada, as well as one death in B.C.

Only 13 per cent of ill individuals have needed to be hospitalized. Government officials continue to assure Canadians that the risk of coronavirus is low.

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