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Riverdale has cancelled filming in Canada over coronavirus

Riverdale, the popular TV series based on beloved characters from the long-running Archie Comics, has suspended filming in Vancouver indefinitely after someone affiliated with the show was exposed to an active case of COVID-19.

The person in question, who is apparently a "key cast member," is currently being tested for the communicable disease.

Entertainment conglomerate Warner Bros. told Global News that it is cooperating with "the appropriate authorities and health agencies in Vancouver" and is actively working to identify all other people on set who may have come into contact with the affected individual in "an abundance of caution."

Though Warner Bros. referred to the exposed person vaguely as a "team member," a local film union told the news outlet that it was in fact a member of the cast, not crew, who had been in contact with someone who has the novel illness.

The teen drama, which airs on The CW and streams on Netflix, is filmed in and around the Metro Vancouver Area. Production on its fourth season was nearing completion when the incident occurred — the team was due to finish filming on April 4 — and there is no word on when it will start up again.

Work on a number of other shows and movies has been halted due to growing concerns over the 2019 novel coronavirus, including Survivor Season 41, Mission: Impossible 7, and the first season of the Disney+ Marvel series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Late night shows such as those hosted by Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert have also started taping episodes without a live studio audience, while films like A Quiet Place 2 have delayed their cinematic releases.

And in sports entertainment, the NBA made the dramatic move to suspend the season after a player tested positive for COVID-19, while the NHL considers doing the same.

At the time of publication, B.C. had confirmed 46 cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus cases, while Canada as a whole has 118.

The global count is nearing 130,000 in at least 118 countries, more than half of which have resulted in full recoveries. There have been approximately 4,600 fatalities from the illness worldwide.

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