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There's now a Social Distancing Festival in Canada

Artists are finding themselves completely at a loss as months of musical and theatrical performances, gallery showings and other events around the world are cancelled or at best, postponed due to the 2019 novel coronavirus.

In an attempt to give some much-deserved credit and attention to Canadian artists, award-winning Toronto playwright and actor Nick Green has come up with an innovative new concept to keep artists motivated, connected and in good spirits: The Social Distancing Festival.

Green conceived of the idea when the production of his own upcoming musical, In Real Life, was cancelled earlier this month.

As people have now shifted their attention and even their socialization even further online than ever before, Social Distancing Fest provides a comprehensive list of upcoming performance livestreams and a platform for all types of content by artists who have been affected by the pandemic.

Artists from all disciplines are invited to submit work that never got its fair time in the limelight due to the recent shutdowns of venues and other businesses in the interest of social distancing, which the fest then shares.

Along with showcasing work to the public, the project allows artists to "keep feeling a sense of artistic community, even from our living rooms" through a chatroom called the beer tent. And, it gives people from all over the world a chance to engage with and support new art.

So far, the site has featured projects from Canadian singer Jann Arden, musical performers Louise Pitre and Joe Matheson and the Alberta Ballet, among a number of other domestic and international acts.

"I have really no idea what will come of all this," Green says on the Social Distancing Festival site. "Regardless, just know that if you’re making art, you’re not alone! Can’t wait to see your work!"

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Social Distancing Festival

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