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Someone created a LEGO version of Justin Trudeau's daily press conference

A clever Manitoba father has successfully amplified the reassuring words of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by the hundreds of thousands (and counting) using none other than LEGO, Twitter and his own creativity. 

Tyler Walsh, who works  in digital content and marketing for Winnipeg's economic development and tourism departments, published a video on Sunday afternoon featuring audio from the March 22 version of Trudeau's daily COVID-19 press conference.

Instead of video showing the bearded PM speaking outside Rideau Cottage, however, Walsh's work features a LEGO Trudeau (plus LEGO doctors, nurses, children, public health officials, journalists, construction workers and more).

Walsh was inspired to create the video by Trudeau's own words on March 22, which included a message for kids that Walsh found particularly important — for his own children to hear, as well as others.

"To all the kids out there: All of a sudden, you heard you can't go on play dates or have sleepovers, your playgrounds and schools have closed and your March break was certainly different than what you’ve hoped for," said Trudeau during his speech that day.

"I know this is a big change, but we have to do this not just for ourselves, but for our grandparents, our nurses, our doctors and everyone working at our hospitals and you kids are helping a lot."

Trudeau went on to explain that social distancing, as well as frequent hand washing, is the best way for us all to help each other through the pandemic.

"So a special thanks to all you kids," he concluded. 

"Thank you for helping your parents work from home, for sacrificing your usual day, for doing math class around the kitchen table, and for trusting in science. We are going to have more to say to you soon, so stay tuned."

"I thought it was a valuable message to share with kids," said Walsh to CTV Winnipeg this week, noting that he had already been working on a stop-motion LEGO project when he saw Trudeau's speech.

Inspired, the marketing professional switched gears on his project to make it a recreation of the Prime Minister's speech with plenty of illustrative shots throughout.

All in all, Walsh said it took about 12 hours to create the video, and that the response to far has been incredible.

Even the PM himself took time to thank Walsh for his efforts and commend the LEGO version of his own message to kids.

Published on April 5, Walsh's video has now racked up more than 315,000 views in just two days on Twitter alone.

"I've had a number of educators like teachers reach out to me to ask permission to post the video through various online platforms that they are using for learning while they're leaning from home right now," he told CTV, noting that he is now considering the possibility of creating more LEGO videos to help youth understand politics.

"I think that by how much this has been viewed and shared, it's sort of shown that this medium is valuable to get that message across to kids about topics like what we are going through right now."

Lead photo by

Tyler Walsh

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