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Canadian musician Chad Brownlee apologizes for racist social media post but people aren't having it

Canadian country music star Chad Brownlee has issued an apology after sharing an image that he says was "wrong, inappropriate and could be perceived as racist."

The British Columbia native posted a since deleted image, which appeared to show billionare George Soros viewing a chess game between anti-racist protestors and COVID-19.

After recieving a deluge of social media backlash against the post, Brownlee issued a statement of apology to fans.

"With everything going on in the world, and with so much understandable pain, fear and frustration felt by those outside of the power structures of society, my intention was to highlight that we all need to be more aware of the presence of these power structures and how they impact our lives," he explained. 

Insisting that he "abhors" racism and anti-semitism, Brownlee continued: "Sadly, I didn't spur the conversation I wanted to. My effort was clumsy and wrong-headed. For all those I hurt or offended I am deeply sorry. I ask for your forgiveness. I will do better."

Despite the lengthy statement, many fans were sceptical about accepting his apology. 

Others criticized Brownlee for posting the image after Blackout Tuesday, which was intended as a day of learning and education around the issue of racism.

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