movie theatres reopening

Movie theatres are reopening in Canada and here's what they look like

Movie theatres are reopening across Canada, and it's hard to say what the most exciting part is: the movie itself, or unashamedly eating handfuls of buttery popcorn once more.

Although Cineplex has remained tight-lipped about the safety protocols that are in place for its reopening on June 26, Landmark Cinemas has provided insight into what movie-lovers can expect ahead of its reopening on the same date.

The cinema has installed protective barriers at ticket kiosks to maintain proper social distancing. Touchscreens are covered with an antimicrobial copper film to provide enhanced cleanliness.

All Landmark Cinemas employees are required to wear personal protective equipment and although face masks aren't mandatory for guests, they are encouraged (except when you're eating popcorn, presumably).

Contactless payment is similarly encouraged. Hand sanitizer will be at the concessions, as well as the cinema washrooms and entry points.

movie theatres reopening

Inside the movie theatre, seating capacity has been reduced by more than 50 per cent in recliner locations and 75 per cent in traditional seating locations to maintain physical distancing.

Family members of the same household (or anyone in the same bubble) are allowed to sit together.

And don't expect the usual mad rush for the exit after the movie is over — instead, guests will be asked to exit in an orderly fashion by row and follow directional signage.

Floor stickers will also help to direct traffic.

movie theatres reopeningAfter the show is over, employees will use "an odorless and 100 per cent biodegradable cleaning product" to sanitize the theatre, washrooms and any common areas.

Landmark will also have a dedicated "hygiene officer", scheduled on each shift, who will ensure that cleaning and safety standards are met.

movie theatres reopeningMeanwhile, several B.C. movie theatres are already up-and-running with safety measures in place. The Vic Theatre in Victoria has reduced capacity and added Plexiglass barriers.

In Vancouver, Hollywood 3 is implementing an hour-long break between showings to allow for the proper time to clean and sanitize the auditoriums and common areas.

So far, only B.C., Alberta and Quebec have yet to give movie theatres the green light to reopen, although several other provinces in Canada — including Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador — are gearing up to reopen them as part of their next phase.

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