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Kim's Convenience star Simu Liu lauded for explaining systemic racism to his parents

Since the death of George Floyd and the wave of protest that has followed, many people have been having discussions with their loved ones around the issue of systemic racism. 

In the hope that it might make other people's discussions a little easier, Kim's Convenience star Simu Liu has taken to social media to share a conversation that he had with his Asian immigrant parents. 

The 31-year-old actor provided a great example of how to approach the complex topic with friends and family. 

Liu, who was born in China but raised in Ontario, approached the issue with his parents by sending them a video which explained systemic racism in an uncomplicated manner. 

"I'm SO proud of my parents for watching the video I sent them about systemic racism, responding positively to it and also being proactive in their continued self-education," he said, sharing a screenshot of WeChat messages exchanged by his family.

In the messages, Liu's parents note that they are not sure what they should take from the video "as Asian immigrants," to which he replies simply, "I think to be kinder to black folks... To stop thinking of them as criminals."

Liu wished his followers luck as they "broach these difficult subjects" with their loved ones. "We've been silent long enough," he added.

In comments underneath the post, one follower explained that he has been having a hard time talking about the issue with his father: "That’s really great that your parents are incredibly open minded and understanding," he wrote.

"I’ve been having a convo with my father on WeChat trying to explain why I’ve been vocal on WeChat moments on this subject. However He still has a hard time understanding why I would speak up about this topic when it’s 'irrelevant to me.'"

In reply to the comment, Liu suggested that the follower help his father to see that society today as "interconnected and the issues that impact one minority group impact all of them. And even if they were totally separate, it’s still the right thing to do."

It was previously announced that Liu is set to become Marvel's first Asian super hero in the upcoming Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

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