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Daniel Radcliffe is casually hanging out in Canada right now

Calling all Potterheads; Daniel Radcliffe has been spotted casually hanging out in Nova Scotia this week, and you could say that it's been a pretty magical experience for fans.

The 31-year-old actor has allegedly been seen by locals in downtown Halifax, at a NSLC Cannabis store and Hubbard's Beach, according to a Reddit thread.

Radcliffe's girlfriend, Erin Darke, is reportedly filming a television series being shot on Nova Scotia’s south shore.

Radcliffe has visited Canada before to shoot his film The F Word and walk the red carpet at TIFF, but he tends to stick to big cities like Toronto when he visits.

Even Professor Trelawney couldn't have predicted his sudden appearance in Halifax.

Naturally, Nova Scotia residents are more excited than Sirius when he finally got out of Azkaban.

Some fans are ready to hop on their broomstick (or, er, take their car) and head to Nova Scotia immediately.

Sadly, there are upwards of 400,000 people in Halifax, so you'll probably need a Marauder's Map to find him.

If you happen to be lucky enough to run into Radcliffe, you may want to steer clear of discussing anything Potter-related, since he reportedly hates talking about it.

Discussing Radcliffe's latest TV series, Miracle Workers, is probably a safer bet.

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