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Quebec is getting its own version of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and people have questions

Quebec is getting its own version of the popular TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and the new series — called Escouade 99 — officially dropped its trailer on Thursday.

The French twist on the American cult series follows a group of endearing, quirky police officers and detectives as they battle crime on the streets of Quebec City.

And judging from the trailer, you can expect the same sort of hilarious chase scenes and hijinx that appear in the original series.

Although the new Quebec series has been advertised for months, most Canadians are just finding out about Escouade 99 now — and people have some thoughts.

Some people are excited for the new series, calling it a "glorious" new take on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Other people, however, have some concerns — particularly when it comes to the female casting.

"They basically whitewashed Amy and Rosa and over sexualised the women characters," one person wrote. "This is not a good job."

"Dang, wasn't there a single POC actress in all of Quebec?" another person wrote.

Even Melissa Fumero, who plays Amy Santiago in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, weighed in on the recasting, writing, "Gotta say though after watching this... I'm suddenly curious about the Latina population in Quebec [sic]. Just saying."

Whether you love it or you hate it, Escouade 99 has definitely caused a stir in Canada already.

The new series drops exclusively on Vidéotron's Club Illico on Sept. 17.

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