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People in Saskatchewan now want to separate from Canada too

The rising separatist movement in parts of Western Canada has been largely associated with angry, right-wing Albertans — but the sentiment is fairly present in Saskatchewan too.

According to a new Ipsos poll, slightly more than one-quarter of Saskatchewan residents, or 27 per cent, agree with the statement that ‘my province would be better off if it separated from Canada,' compared with 33 per cent of Albertans. 

The separation movement, also known as Wexit, began gaining steam after Justin Trudeau was reelected in Canada's federal election in October. 

"Alberta and Saskatchewan residents feel the most negative about the election outcome, pushing support for separation to new highs, above (Alberta) and on par (Saskatchewan) with Quebec," according to Ipsos.

The election results proved just how divided the country has become, after the Conservatives won all 14 ridings in Saskatchewan and all but one in Alberta. 

And according to the poll, the results created more disappointment among Saskatchewan residents than anything else. 

While half of both Saskatchewan and Alberta residents said the election results made them angry, 69 per cent of Albertans and 67 per cent of Saskatchewan residents said they felt disappointed. 

Separation sentiments are far less common in Manitoba and British Columbia, where only 11 per cent and 13 per cent of residents believe they'd be better off after separation, respectively.

Despite growing yet moderate support for western separation, experts say Wexit is highly unlikely to succeed due to legal, historical and land ownership reasons.

But regardless of what experts say, there's no arguing with the fact that support for western separation is slowly but steadily growing in Canada.

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