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It's so cold in Calgary right now everything is freezing

Calgary might be used to cold weather, but Mother Nature is taking things to a new extreme this week. With temperatures dipping to an unwelcome -32°C today, Calgary is covered in a layer of snow and freezing — literally.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi took to Twitter to warn locals about the extreme weather, reminding Calgarians to look out for each other — and for any vulnerable groups that might need assistance this week from Calgary's outreach programs.

While Calgary is used to their backyards being a permanent Yeti cooler, some locals are less-than-pleased about the new icy temperatures.

Others, however, are making the best of a bad situation and inventing new winter sports.

All picnics in Calgary, however, have been cancelled until further notice on account of all the food freezing.

And the penguins at the Calgary Zoo won't be making any appearances this week, because Calgary is literally colder than Antarctica right now — a fact that many Calgarians are using as an excuse to play hooky.

But don't worry; Calgary's elementary school students have put their heads together and come up with a solution to the cold weather: just don't leave your house all winter.

According to Environment Canada, the weather should be warming up by Sunday, so Calgary should have something to look forward to.

And, hey — at least Calgary is handling the snow better than their West Coast neighbours.

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