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Canadians are joining Europe in singing from balconies during coronavirus lockdown

We've all seen how people elsewhere in the world are handling various states of lockdown due to the global COVID-19 pandemic — playing musical duets together from balconies, projecting movies onto buildings for all to enjoy, throwing a hundreds-strong karaoke party from their respective apartments and partaking in group fitness while quarantined.

Meanwhile in North America, people have been lining up to buy guns and panic purchasing toilet paper and other goods to the point that we've had to implement special hours for seniors to do their shopping.

But at least a few individuals in Canada have been trying to uplift spirits in the way that others in European locales have been.

Being from one of the more Euro-feeling cities in the country, people in Montreal are leaning into their roots by organizing some "drone de balcon" events during which citizens plan to sing and play music from their balconies, just like all of the recent videos from Italy and Spain that have gone viral.

As one of the events planned for this Friday says, "Let's all gather (in our shelters) and produce a drone (in C) from our balconies and windows that can be heard across the city — unifying us all in isolation and reverberating love and compassion."

And in Toronto, residents have already started singing for their neighbours from the rooftops — and filming it.

Hopefully in this time of chaos and uncertainty, the heartwarming trend will catch on in the rest of the country, too.

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