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Daylight savings time in Canada is this weekend and people are already complaining

It's that time of year again: on Sunday, Canadians will set their clocks to "spring forward" an hour for Daylight Savings Time.

Night owls can look forward to an extra hour of light in the evening — but with the drawback of more darkness in the morning.

The time-change tradition is observed across Canada, with a few notable exceptions such as Saskatchewan (the province remains on Central Standard Time year-round) and a few communities in Ontario and Quebec.

But with the European Union officially scrapping Daylight Savings Time by 2021, plenty of Canadians are ready to abolish the age-old tradition, too.

This Canadian woman had a lot of feelings on the subject:

And this Ottawa woman called on the U.S. to lead the way in scrapping Daylight Savings:

While this Ontario woman decided to petition Doug Ford instead:

But really, this Toronto woman put things best:

We might be losing an hour of our weekend, but at least Canadians can look forward to some warmer temperatures as we officially head into spring.

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Jaelynn Castillo

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