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This is what you should know about reapplying for CERB every month

Reapplying for CERB every month might seem confusing, but the process is actually pretty simple.

If this is your first time applying for CERB, then read how to apply for CERB online. If you're reapplying for CERB, start by figuring out if you're still eligible to receive it.

To be eligible, you must still be unable to work due to COVID-19.

You must also not be receiving employment income, self-employment income, or provincial or federal benefits related to maternity or paternity leave for the four-week period.

Next, figure out if you applied for CERB with Service Canada or the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

To deliver payments to Canadians in a "fast and easy" way, the CERB is being jointly delivered by both agencies.

However, you cannot apply to both, so ensure you're receiving payments from only one source.

Then, figure out what days to reapply.

You will need to reapply for CERB every four weeks.

Canadians born between January and March are encouraged to apply on Mondays, those born between April and June are encouraged to apply on Tuesdays, and anyone born between October and December should apply on Thursdays.

For example, a Canadian born in January should have applied for CERB on April 13 for the second cycle.

However, if you miss your time slot, don't worry — you can technically apply on any day, regardless of your birthday.

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Once you figure out what day to apply, login to your Service Canada or Canada Revenue account and follow the instructions as prompted.

After you apply, you should get your payment in three business days if you signed up for direct deposit. If you haven't, you should receive payment in roughly 10 business days.

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