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Police officer in Canada captures photos of black bears hugging on rural road

Whales and foxes and bears, oh my! No, we're not in Oz, but in Canada during a pandemic that has forced residents indoors and made rivers and streets a whole lot quieter.

Citizens across the country have been spotting a whole lot more wildlife than usual lately, and black bears seem to be the latest species to be the subject of photos and videos taken by bewildered passersby.

The latest sighting is two bears in a warm embrace — which may or may not have been a fight — on a road in the rural municipality of Armstrong, near Thunder Bay.

An Ontario Provincial Police officer found the two bears hugging it out and having a little moment while on foot patrol, and took a few snaps that the OPP North West Region shared to Twitter. (Two police vehicles can be seen in the shots, so thankfully, the constable was safe).

"Bears are among the most massive and powerful animals on earth and P/C Nicole Haueisen managed to capture these great photos while on foot patrol. Northern policing is one of the greatest experiences," the tweet from Thursday morning read.

This black bear-related incident is in addition to the bears found roaming a residential street in the city of Markham, Ontario last week, the one caught up a hydro pole (which it later neglected for a far more welcoming tree) a bit further northeast ​​​​​​in Kanata on Saturday, and the one seen wandering through people's yards and climbing trees in broad daylight in a Winnipeg neighbourhood, also on Saturday.

Residents took a moment to joke about the creatures' obvious disregard for current social distancing rules, and to speculate on what the duo could have possibly been discussing as they stood around on their hind legs like humans.

Though the pair seemed unbothered by the police presence, who knows what kind of antics they'd been up to before the officer arrived.

But, no arrests were made, and it seems that everyone (both human and critter) left the scene safe and sound. Hopefully the same can be said for all of the weird interactions Canadians have been having with our furry neighbours lately.

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