canada post delivery delays

Canada Post delivery delays are not going over well with Canadians

Canada Post delivery delays are kind of inevitable these days, considering that the company says it's currently seeing "Christmas season" levels of demand.

The postal company has even issued a "yellow alert" for all of Canada, while international destinations have been marked with a "red alert," meaning that Canada Post isn't accepting mail and parcels for specific destinations.

And while postal workers' safety should always come first, Canadians really want their packages — and some aren't happy about having to wait.

Some Canadians are even considering taking drastic measures to get to their packages, like becoming a Canada Post employee.

While others are perplexed by Canada Post's expected delivery dates.

To give you an idea of how busy things are, Canada Post delivered more than 1.8 million parcels on a single day in April.

So chances are that your package might take some time.

Still, Canada Post is trying their best — and considering the unprecedented levels of demand that the crown corporation is seeing, the fact that some packages are arriving on time at all is truly impressive.

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