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Alberta just released all the baby names from last year and some are so bizarre

Alberta just released all the baby names from 2019, and Game of Thrones fans will be happy to know that there are at least three baby Daenaryses in the province right now.

The province's yearly baby name list sees dozens of residents take to social media to compare notes on the new releases. Reminiscing about highlights in the past such as "Diesel-Blaze" and "Optimus Prime" is also highly encouraged.

As you might expect, most of the popular names for babies in Alberta are still fairly traditional; for male babies, for example, Noah, Liam, Oliver, Ethan, Jack and William continue to lead the way.

For female babies, the names Olivia, Charlotte, Sophia, Emma, Ava and Amelia are at the top of the charts.

Some Alberta parents, however, stepped up to the challenge last year and came up with some truly creative names.

Game of Thrones enthusiasts will be happy to know that Arya, Daenarys, Sansa, Catelyn and Jorah made the list. Three Albertans were also named Khaleesi in 2019.

Presumably, there are also plenty of Avengers fans in the province, because Thor, Loki, Quill and Jarvis also made the cut.

Other Alberta parents decided to really spice things up last year by going with names like Sage, Rosemary, Pepper and Basil.

Fox, Wolf, Bear, Lion and Tiger were included in the list, as were Chevy, Ford, Benz, Mercedes, Lexus and Royce.

Winter, Summer and Autumn all made the list as well. "Spring" was notably absent, although one person did name their child Snow, which is perhaps more reflective of Alberta's weather.

Some Alberta residents also named their babies "Baby," which, admittedly, is a pretty spot-on description.

Alberta residents also came up with a variety of unique spellings for names such as Jackson, including "Jacson," "Jaxxon," "Jaxen" and "Jaksen."

Other memorable names on the baby names list include:

  • Handsome-Jack
  • Gravity
  • Simplicity
  • Summer-Rain
  • Tiara-Angel
  • Dior
  • Eilish
  • Euology
  • Indigo-Rose
  • Imagine
  • Journeelyn
  • Klarity
  • Legend
  • Love-Anna
  • Merryheart
  • Royal-Chanel
  • Apollo-July
  • BlueJay
  • Blaze
  • Cowboy
  • Corny
  • Daimon-Whistler
  • King-David
  • Wrigley
  • Zethan

All of that said, it's worth noting that a lot of Canadians' concept of "normal" or "popular" names (e.g. Noah, Emma) are based on Euro-centric traditions, so some of the names on the list that seem unusual may be common in the Indigenous community.

It's also worth noting that parents should name their children whatever makes them happy (within reason), so if you named your baby Daenarys this year, then — as they say in Dothraki — athdavrazar.

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