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People seen breaking COVID-19 rules at a Vancouver nightclub

A new video has emerged from a Vancouver nighclub that shows people partying and dancing despite COVID-19 rules and regulations. 

The video surfaced on Thursday and in it, partiers can be seen dancing in close proximity without wearing masks while pouring drinks into each other's mouths. This occurred last Thursday during a weekly event called Club Mumbai at Levels Nightclub

The nightclub reported a COVID-19 exposure the very next day which forced it to close for a deep cleaning.

Following the incident, the establishment took to social media on Thursday night to announce that they will be closed for the weekend and that their staff is self-isolating. 

Since last month, dancing at clubs and bars has been forbidden by order of Dr. Bonnie Henry, the provincial health officer. However, it is up to the establishment to enforce these rules.

Levels is not the only club in Vancouver dealing with COVID-19 exposure and many are blaming this kind of partying for B.C.'s recent surge in coronavirus cases.

Just recently, the IVY Lounge at Trump Tower was put on a exposure list by health officials.

"Time to close those nightclubs. They aren't a necessity," one Twitter user wrote. "Actually maybe it's time to close any indoor facilities where people gather for long periods of time that aren't absolute necessities."

Calls to close these kinds of establishments also came from West Vancouver city councillor Craig Cameron.

Jeff Guignard of the Alliance of Beverage Licensees told CTV News that he has spoken to the promoter of Club Mumbai and that what happened was a honest mistake. 

"With all the changing public orders that came out, they missed one and last week they had dancing, which is not allowed," Guignard said. 

In an interview with Freshdaily, Levels Nightclub manager Kyle Muir said that the club has removed the dance floor and included spacious booths to allow people to dance in their friend groups, which was allowed until recently.

"It's a very recent amendment that that's no longer permitted and I think people that are still going out to bars, they think that it's okay, it's a bit difficult to police all the time."

Muir went on to say that the event is hosted by a third party promotional group and not Levels.

"Unfortunately promoters of the event are trying to sell it as a fun party and it's kind of hard to use footage of people just sitting around to market an event. But that's on them, they shouldn't be marketing something they can't deliver anyway."

He also clarified that the potential COVID-19 exposure was on a different night.

"The potential exposure wasn't even on the Thursday, the Thursday is only getting flagged because there is a video," he said. "We had a potential exposure on a different night and because of contact tracing we've reached out to everybody."

Freshdaily has reached out to  Club Mumbai for comment.

Club Mumbai will not be returning to Levels until next week. 

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Mingyao Jinang on Google Maps

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