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People are congratulating the Montreal Expos after Nationals win World Series

Last night's World Series Game 7 saw the Washington Nationals defeat the Houston Astros, and many Montreal sports fans are loving it.

In 2005, the Montreal Expos moved to America's capital city and became the Nationals. While Montreal fans yearn to have their team back, they showed love to the Nats after their win last night.

The Expos have never won a World Series, so the result was a kind of consolation prize.

However, they were contenders to win in 1994. The team never had a shot due to a strike in the league, and the World Series wasn't played at all.

The Montreal Expos Twitter account also took a moment to celebrate. 

What makes the win even better is that Major League Baseball may return to Montreal next season, at least in part.

The Tampa Bay Rays, who have abysmal attendance at their games, are considering using Montreal as a home base for some of their games in 2020.

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