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NHL says players have no plans to boycott games and nobody is surprised

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly has reportedly confirmed that there are no plans to postpone the games taking place on Wednesday evening.

Hockey Night in Canada's Chris Johnston broke the news in a Tweet on Wednesday, quoting Daly's statement.

"I don't expect the League to initiate a game stoppage," Daly reportedly said. "Obviously, our Players are free to express themselves in any manner they feel is appropriate."

Instead, the NHL will observe a moment of reflection before tonight's Tampa/Boston game in Toronto and tonight's Colorado/Dallas game in Edmonton, according to Johnston.

The news comes just after the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their fifth game in Orlando following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, which occurred in their home state of Wisconsin.

The NBA subsequently postponed all three games that were scheduled to take place this evening.

MLB's Milwaukee Brewers have also joined the Milwaukee Bucks and will not play tonight.

Although several NHL players have commended the Bucks' boycott, no player has said that he plans to boycott a game in response to the shooting of Blake.

New York Islanders player Anders Lee told reporters on Wednesday that it's a "great thing" that the NBA players are doing.

San Jose Sharks player Evander Kane similarly tweeted that he was on board with the Bucks' decision.

Still, some people feel that the NHL isn't doing enough, particularly after many hockey players chose not to kneel before games while the Black Lives Matter protests swept across Canada.

"Like the NHL would take a real stand on anything anyway," one Hamilton resident wrote.

"No balls from the NHL once again, as expected," another person wrote.

"The NHL's silence speaks volumes," an Ontario resident wrote.

Meanwhile, Toronto Raptors' coach Nick Nurse says there's a strong possibility the Raptors will boycott their game against the Celtics scheduled for Thursday.

"It's ongoing discussions," Nurse said. "I think it is on the table."

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