paralyzed humboldt player

Paralyzed Humboldt Broncos player moves legs after life-changing surgery

A hockey player from Alberta who was paralyzed in the tragic Humboldt Broncos bus crash just last year has undergone a spinal surgery in Thailand, allowing him movement of his legs.

Ryan Straschnitzki's family posted a video on Twitter showing the 20-year-old in action after the surgery in Thailand. 

Straschnitzki was one of 13 Humboldt players injured when a transport truck collided with the Saskatchewan team's bus, killing 16 others in April 2018. Straschnitzki was paralyzed from the waist down from the crash. 

Just as the whole country joined in offering words of support after the crash last year, many have been doing the same post-surgery. 

The surgery was done in Bangkok, Thailand on Monday, and is intended to restore some movement in Straschintzki's legs. A new implant sends electrical currents to the spinal cord to stimulate nerves to move his limbs.

According to Straschnitzki's family member this surgery has been done close to 1oo times across the world. So far, the surgery is not offered in Canada. 

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