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HNIC ratings down since Don Cherry firing and here's what people are saying about it

Don Cherry fans are enjoying the fact that ratings for Hockey Night in Canada have apparently fallen since the Coach's Corner co-commentator was famously ousted from his long-time position.

The Toronto Sun is among outlets reporting on recent data from Canadian audience measurement organization Numeris, which shows that HNIC dropped out of the rankings of the top 30 shows across the country in the two weeks following Cherry's firing.

In the week leading up to Don's departure, the show sat at spot 29, with an average viewership of 1,027,000. In the two weeks following, this number fell below top 30 levels, which bottomed out around 908,000 and 1,019,000 average viewers, respectively.

But the week of November 25, HNIC jumped back up to spot 20, with 1,053,000 viewers.

The Numeris charts indicate numbers for the show have often been within this general range, some weeks rising above 1,100,00 and others dipping into the 900,000s in previous months and years.

Numbers during autumn of last year are somewhat similar — 902,000 from November 19 to 25 of 2018 (spot 26) and 1,146,000 from November 26 to December 2 (spot 17). 

Though the drop of 100,000+ viewers is notable, it may not be as drastic as some are making it out to be; and also, given the changing data, not permanent.

Many on social media — from both pro-Cherry and anti-Cherry camps — don't find the information at all surprising given how dramatic and divisive the whole ordeal was, as well as the fact that many fans of the show said they were planning to boycott Sportsnet and even Rogers for firing the hockey expert.

Many are lamenting his strong, iconic personality that made the show what it was to a lot of people. Still others believe the show will be okay.

Many are lamenting his strong, iconic personality that made the show what it was to a lot of people. And though the decreased viewership and consequent loss of a top 30 spot for HNIC in the weeks right after the incident is definitely a blow to the segment, others still believe that the show will be okay.

As with all of the the response to the whole Don drama over the past month and a half, comments about the ratings news have been an extremely mixed bag and often focused on the political ideologies of those both for and against Cherry after his on-air remarks.

Only time will tell how the show will fare long-term after a replacement co-host is found.

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