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Canadian Cameron Hughes is the biggest sports fan in the world and he gets paid for it

While the rest of us are paying hundreds of dollars to witness our favourite teams play up-close, one Canadian man has found a way to get paid six figures a year to do the same.

If you watch or attend a lot of sporting events, you've likely seen Cameron Hughes dancing through the stands, tossing shirts into the crowd as he strips them off his back and generally getting rowdy at some game or other.

He's a paid superfan — the only one in the world — whose job is to elicit a few laughs and get the crowd around him more pumped up during lulls.

The Ottawa native has worked everything from small-time local hockey matches to NBA, MLB, NHL, U.S. Open and even gold-medal Olympic games.

In total, the 40-something year old has been paid by various directors of entertainment to party at more than 1,000 games across the continent.

He is flown all-expenses-paid to the events, and sits in the crowd amid unsuspecting fans before jumping up to sing, dance, scream, and yes, even strip during timeouts. His antics are always shown on the big screen, broadcasting his moves to millions watching at home.

It's not unheard of for Hughes to take in a few thousand dollars for an appearance, or for him to end up on a court with star athletes.

The self-proclaimed "sports entertainer and public speaker" fell into his atypical career accidentally after trying to make what he found to be a very meh Ottawa Senators game a bit more fun.

He's now gone from sports fan to sports star, garnering more than one billion views on his performance videos online and landing profiles and coverage by the likes of Sports Illustrated, Today and Psychology Today.

Despite the surprising fact that he's managed to turn his fanship into quite the lucrative vocation, as he says on his website, Hughes's ultimate goal has always been adorably wholesome: "to see people smile, connect with others and to bring communities together."

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