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Serge Ibaka breaks the internet with pre-game scarf

The Toronto Raptors may all have great fashion sense, but two players have recently started beef over an unexpected accessory: scarves.

On the latest episode of Holt Renfrew's "Avec Classe" series with Uninterrupted, Serge Ibaka and OG Anunoby troll each other over which player started the scarf trend.

Anunoby begins by boldly saying, "I put you on how to dress."

Ibaka is clearly offended by the comment. "OG, you say you put me on fashion?" he asks. "Wow. I think I'm done."

But the video really reaches its boiling point when Anunoby utters the phrase that will certainly go down in Raptors history:

"I put you on scarves."

"Did I put you on scarves?" Anunoby continues. "What about scarves? But what about scarves?... You saw me in my scarf, you were like 'that scarf's fire, I'm gonna get one too."

Fighting words, OG.

Well, Ibaka decided that the best way to prove Anunoby wrong was to show up to last night's Raptors game at Scotiabank Arena with the world's longest scarf.

Seriously. The man is seven-feet tall.

And OG Anunoby showed up in a scarf as well, sparking an unexpected showdown.

And The Raptor mascot was feeling a little salty that he wasn't included.

Ibaka even took to Twitter to disprove Anunoby's claim that he was in the scarf game first.

But that didn't stop Canadians from taking to social media to debate the matter further.

Some are comparing Ibaka's giant scarf to the infamous oversized scarf that American singer Lenny Kravitz wore a few years ago.

And one person depicted Ibaka's feelings in a single image.

This person pointed out that the scarf still isn't the most impressive thing about the Raptors.

And this person is petitioning for a night where all of the players rock Ibaka's look.

But, really, the Raptors summed up last night's game perfectly with this:

No definitive decision yet on which Toronto Raptor player has officially won the scarf-off.

Lead photo by Toronto Raptors

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Serge Ibaka breaks the internet with pre-game scarf

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