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Social distancing in Canada means standing a hockey stick apart

It doesn't get any more Canadian than using the instrument of our country's favourite sport as a measuring tool during a pandemic.

Canadians understand that when a health official asks the nation to keep a distance of two metres apart from each other, they really mean the length of a hockey stick.

Canadians across the country have already converted the measurement into hockey terms as a way of understanding how to practice social distancing in an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Health officials have asked everyone to stay home and self-isolate, only leaving for essentials and fresh air breaks. When venturing out, keeping a hockey stick apart is critical and ignoring this could lead to a fine and potential jail time.

Signs posted in Toronto parks specifically noted that people should keep a distance of " about the length of a hockey stick" apart while outside.

This isn't the first time Canadians have had to use hockey as a tool for COVID-19 comprehension. 

Back in February the Toronto Star called it "the Wayne Gretzky of viruses" which had the rest of the world laughing at our Canadianess.

People in other countries joined in the game of finding the object that most represents its national identity and measuring it in social distancing terms.

All we need is a single hockey stick.

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