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Donald Trump accidentally tweeted at a CFL player and this is what happened next

On Friday, Donald Trump accidentally tagged CFL player RJ Harris in a Tweet — and Harris's reaction was pure genius.

According to the Washington Post, the Ottawa Redblacks wide receiver was watching an episode of "Peaky Blinders" in bed when his phone began to blow up with notifications.

Harris quickly realized that President Trump had mistakenly tagged him in a Tweet instead of RJ Harris — a morning show host on WHP in Harrisburg, Pa.

So what did Harris do?

He capitalized on the situation in a big way.

Anticipating the media frenzy, Harris immediately took to Twitter to promote his upcoming football camp — a genius move that got the post hundreds of likes and re-tweets.

And that wasn't all; following the mix-up, the WHP radio host — dubbed "the other RJ" by Harris — reached out to the football player and offered to promote his camp on air.

Naturally, Harris agreed.

The duo teamed up to chat about the camp this morning.

But it wasn't just the other RJ Harris that found the mix-up humorous; Canadians everywhere have been poking fun at the American president's mistake.

This Ottawa football fan couldn't resist making a Star Wars joke.

While this Toronto lawyer seized the opportunity to throw a little shade at Donald Trump.

Trump has yet to comment on the now infamous RJ Harris mix-up.

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