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Almost half of gym members in Canada say they won't go back once they reopen

Gyms across Canada are gearing up to reopen with lots of health and safety measures in place, but not everyone is ready to get back to the #gymlife just yet.

A recent survey conducted by shows that 42 per cent of Canadian respondents with gym memberships say they won't be returning once they reopen, at least not right away.

gyms reopeningIt also shows that of respondents from Canada, 14 per cent have already cancelled their membership, 24 per cent are considering it and 62 per cent are keeping it.

gyms reopeningGyms have been preparing to reopen by implementing a number of new protocols meant to slow the spread of the virus.

GoodLife Fitness has said that its new policies include frequent cleaning and disinfecting proceedures, including mandatory after-use equipment wipe-downs by members.

Members will need to book access to the gym in advance and signage and directional arrows will be installated to help them navigate the space.

Group fitness areas and various amenities will remain closed while personal training sessions can resume with strict physical distancing measures in place.

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