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NHL condemns announcer Mike Milbury's insensitive comment about women

Hockey announcer Mike Milbury is under fire for a comment that he made about women on NBC while covering the Islanders vs. Capitals game on Thursday evening.

The American former pro hockey player was responding to co-host John Forslund's musings on the environment of the NHL bubble.

"If you think about it, it's a terrific environment with regard to — if you enjoy playing and enjoy being with your teammates for long periods of time, it's a perfect place," Forslund said.

Milbury responded, "Not even any woman here to disrupt your concentration."

Milbury's comment sparked with widespread backlash, with hundreds of people condemning the hockey announcer for what some are calling a display of disrespect, heteronormativity and sexism.

"I'm not usually one to call for someone’s head, but NBC needs to get rid of Mike Milbury," one person wrote. "Saying something like [that] is insane. It's 2020 and hockey fans are diversifying. They/we deserve better."

"What Milbury says here isn't just sexist, it's dangerous," another person chimed in. "Hockey culture already has enough of a problem re: seeing women as lesser than. Stuff like this is why assault accusations etc aren't taken seriously."

On Friday, the National Hockey League issued a statement condemning Milbury's comment, which the league called "insensitive and insulting."

Mike Milbury has since apologized for the remark in a statement to The Washington Post.

"I sincerely apologize for making the comment," Milbury said. "It was not my intention to disrespect anyone. I was trying to be irreverent and took it a step too far. It was a regrettable mistake that I take seriously."

It's still unclear what, if any, discipline Milbury will face.

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